Online food delivery service in Teliamura, Agartala, Tripura

Gully 2 Gully is the best online food delivery service in Teliamura, Tripura, India, 799205 area. We deliver a wide range of products to our customers through the Gully2gully website and Gully 2 Gully app.

20 thoughts on “Online food delivery service in Teliamura, Agartala, Tripura”

  1. Chayan Chakraborty

    Food is lite expensive,, and some time it’s not so good,, but as a app service it’s quite impressive.. I hope some time later this app should be updated.. some food you may be like it’s not any other options it’s only one way to select the food and it’s not good for a consumer experience. Please update app and the Quality of the foods .. thanks .

    1. hi, Chayan Chakraborty
      thank u so much for ur compliment .we trying to upgrade our food and consumer service please corporate with us thank u

    1. Thank you for this kind of support. We can see that your distance is about eight kilometers so it is mandatory .

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